Detect Color Deficiency and Get Help Early at Your Children’s Eye Care Center

Does your child use the wrong color for objects on work sheets or have issues reading pages with colored text? Children who are color deficient are generally unaware of the problem and it can interfere with their learning abilities when not detected early. Schedule a visit to our children’s eye care center in Wellington, Florida. We will do a complete optometric exam to determine whether color deficiency is the cause of the problem.

  • What is color deficiency?

Color vision deficiency is the inability to distinguish between certain shades.  More common in males than females, it affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world.  Interestingly, Facebook is blue because its founder, Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind. Although it is often referred to as color blindness, this is not an accurate description because few people are completely colorblind. People with complete color blindness only see objects in shades of black, white and grey.

  • What causes color deficiency?

Color deficiency is the result of an imbalance in the photoreceptors (three kinds of cones that are sensitive to red, green and blue light) in the retina that enable us to perceive color. Usually an inherited condition that is passed from mother to son, it can also be caused by trauma, certain diseases or as a side effect of certain medications. When caused by injury or illness, it usually affects only one eye. However, when inherited, both eyes are affected.

  • How many types of color deficiency are there?

Color deficiency is of two types:

  1. Red-green deficiency: This is the most common form of color deficiency and usually inherited. Individuals who have red-green deficiency are unable to distinguish between certain shades of reds, browns, pinks and oranges, or greens and blues.
  2. Blue-yellow deficiency: Although rare, this is a more severe form of color vision loss that may also include red-green deficiency. It usually results in the inability to distinguish between certain shades of blue and yellow.
  • How is color deficiency detected?

Color deficiency can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination, which includes a color vision test. The patient is shown a series of specially designed pictures composed of colored dots (called pseudoisochromatic plates) and asked to look for numbers among them. A person with normal color vision can see certain figures in the designs. However, a person with a color deficiency will either see a different number of designs or be unable to distinguish the figures.

  • When should an individual be tested for color vision deficiency?

Every child should be checked for color deficiency by at least age five. Early detection is important since color-coded learning materials are used in the primary grades. This condition can also influence your career choice. The ability to distinguish colors is an important aspect of certain jobs such as electricians, pilots, police officers, some military personnel, and others.

  • How is color vision deficiency treated?

There is no cure for color deficiency that is inherited. Using special tinted eyeglasses or wearing a red-tinted contact lens on one eye can increase some people’s ability to differentiate between colors. However, nothing can make them truly see the deficient color. When caused by an illness or eye injury, treating these conditions may improve color vision.

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