Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care

  • NEVER use water on soft lenses or to clean your case. Clean your case with your approved solution as directed and replace it every 3 months.

  • Do not use eye drops such as Visine, Murine or prescribed medicine while wearing your lenses. Use only approved lubricating drops.

  • Lubricating drops can be used as needed throughout the day. Patients wearing lenses prescribed for overnight wear should use lubricating drops before bed and upon waking.

  • DO NOT swim in your lenses. DO NOT shower in your lenses.

Contact Lens wear is not recommended in dry, dusty environments

Tips and Tricks for Inserting & Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before handling your contacts

  • Do not use creams, oils, lotion soaps, or alcohol hand sanitizers prior to handling your lenses.

  • ALWAYS store your lenses in entirely fresh solution, never “top off” existing solution with new solution.

  • Do not force apart a lens that is stuck together; place it in the palm of your hand and soak it with solution until it unfolds using gentle massage.

  • Inspect lenses before insertion for tears or nicks; a defective lens can scratch your eye. Discard lenses with tears or nicks.

  • If you wear cosmetics, insert your contacts before you apply cosmetics, and remove your contacts before you remove cosmetics.

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