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​​​​​​​Let’s not forget about sun protection. We carry a large selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and our inventory is constantly evolving! If we don’t happen to have the frames you’re looking for, we will be happy to order them for you!

8 Things That Make a Great Pair of Sunglasses:

1. Polarization: Cuts glare in the sun and the fog

2. Mirror Coating: Reflects sunlight off the front surface of lenses

3. Back Surface Anti-Reflective Treatment: Prevents reflection off the back surface of lenses into the eyes

4. Face Form and Full Coverage: A frame that more fully covers the eyes and the area around the eyes provides greater protection from damaging UV rays. A more wrapped frame (as opposed to flat) provides the best protection.

5. Gray lenses: provide greater protection for light-sensitive patients

6. Color Enhancing Lens Elements: Proprietary to Maui Jim Sunglasses, this feature makes colors more vibrant unlike other sunglasses that reduce the contrast and radiance of the outdoors.

7. UV protection

8. Your prescription: Put your prescription in your sunglasses for better vision when driving or reading poolside.

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