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Seaview Eyecare office in Wellington Florida

Many a patient has commented on the relaxed atmosphere at SeaView Eyecare. Our office boasts a clean, comfortable space to browse the latest in eyewear fashions. Our experienced team can provide information on frames and lenses and can explain the ins and outs of your insurance plan. Our doctors provide exceptional care and clear communication to patients regarding their eye health and vision.

State of the Art

SeaView Eyecare brings the latest to eye care with the use of entirely paperless medical records.  Doing so allows us to better track your eye health from year to year, to save a few trees, and to ensure that your private medical records remain protected.

Our use of the latest instruments that technology has to offer ensures that we can provide you with the comprehensive eye care you deserve.  State of the art equipment enables us to detect and prevent eye disease and to prescribe lenses that accurately correct your vision to give you the clearest vision possible in your new glasses and contact lenses.

Many patients will be happy to know that gone are the days of the puff of air test! If you’ve had it, you won’t easily forget it. There are more accurate, more comfortable tests that allow for the measurement of eye pressure. Additionally our office offers retinal imaging to monitor for emerging diseases and to monitor for changes in ocular health from year to year.

And what about technology in sight? Our office is committed to staying informed on the latest in lens technology and design, to ensure that our patients get the latest in digital optics and lens treatments that protect the eye from harmful light emitted by electronic devices and the sun.

Seaview Eyecare office in Wellington Florida

Perfect Protection Plan

Seaview Eyecare Perfect Protection Plan

Need another reason to visit our office? Our Perfect Protection Plan provides a replacement pair of glasses in the event that they break or scratch. Unless discontinued, all of our frames carry a warranty against manufacturer’s defects for breakage, and treated lenses will be replaced, if damaged or scratched. How many times have you replaced frames for your child? Some of our children’s frames are warrantied for 3 years and some are warrantied against loss! We charge only a nominal fee to cover shipping and lab costs when replacing your eyewear. We offer a superior product and this is why we have no hesitation about standing behind it. Ask our team about how this great benefit can help you and your family.

Office Hours : Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-3. Closed Sun.
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Call : 561-790-7290

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