Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies

Did you wake up with an eye infection? Is your child experiencing eye pain? Our eye doctors are here to help after-hours for existing patients. Our answering system will guide you through the proper steps to reach us when the office is closed and we will return your call promptly. From sudden vision problems to infections and debris in the eye, we are experienced in treating eye emergencies and are here to help our patients during or after hours.

Your eye doctor is the most qualified professional to provide care for eye conditions. Our office offers the latest technology to enable our doctors to diagnose and effectively treat your eyes. Unlike your Primary Care office, an Urgent Care Center or the Emergency Room, our doctors have both the technology and the specialized training to provide the care you need when your vision or eye health are at risk.

Call (561) 790-7290 to schedule an eye exam or a checkup with our family eye doctor in Wellington, Florida or you can also schedule an appointment online.

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