Contact Lenses Available at Your Family Eye Care Center in Palm Beach County

Schedule an eye exam at your local family eye care center in Palm Beach County to determine which type of contact lens is right for you. Doing this will enable you to have the option of not wearing your prescription eye glasses full-time. Our board-certified optometrists use advanced diagnostic equipment to correct vision problems and help you maintain good eye health. They will explain your lens options and help you select the best fit for your lifestyle. Did you know that contact lenses are not one size fits all? Not to worry, our doctors will determine the proper contact lens size and shape that will best fit your eyes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 41 million people in the United States wear contact lenses to improve their vision. In addition to helping individuals see better without altering their appearance, contact lenses can improve visual clarity and peripheral vision for many contact lens wearers. There is no minimum age for wearing contact lenses. Infants born with congenital cataracts are often fitted with contact lenses that their parents insert and remove. A CDC report says that children switching to contact lenses reported reduced eye strain as well as significant improvements in perceived appearance, participation in activities and satisfaction with vision correction. Proper hygiene and care are, however, very important to avoid infections, including pink eye.

Schedule a contact lens consultation with us. Even if you or your child have had problems with contact lenses in the past, causing eye strain or have been told you are not suitable for them, we can help you explore the option again. Frequently new lenses are introduced that offer greater comfort, improved safety features, improvement in visual clarity, and an increase in availability for larger, more complicated prescriptions.

Types of Contact Lenses We Offer

Here is an overview of the types of contact lenses available at our family eye care center:

  • Soft lenses: Made using the latest technology, these comfortable silicone hydrogel lenses come in many modalities depending on how you want to wear them. They can correct a range of vision issues including myopia (blurred distance vision), hyperopia (blurred near vision), astigmatism (a condition that affects the curvature of the eye) and presbyopia (eye strain that occurs in the 40’s which causes loss of near vision).
    • Daily-wear (DW) lenses are the least expensive. They are to be removed and replaced daily. They must be cleaned and stored in a solution recommended by your eye doctor.
    • Extended-wear (EW) lenses are FDA-approved to wear through the night, but you must remove them as directed by your eye doctor for cleaning and storage with a solution prescribed for you.
    • Disposable 1-Day lenses offer the greatest convenience. Worn during the day time and disposed of daily, they are the safest and fastest growing type of contact lens wear. Contact lens solution is not required for this type of contact lens.
    • Colored contact lenses can change your eye color and thereby, your appearance. They are available in a daily-wear, extended-wear, and in a 1-day modality, and with or without a prescription in them. A prescription written by your eye doctor is required to wear them, even without any power in the lenses, as they are considered a medical device by the FDA.
  • Gas permeable lenses: Also called GP or RGP lenses, this is another option for vision correction. These lenses are adaptable to many different prescriptions and eye types, making them ideal for individuals that have difficulty with lens fitting. Individuals with astigmatism, eye conditions that cause irregular shapes and those that do not have sharp vision with soft lenses may try GP lenses. These lenses provide the clearest possible vision above all other lens types. They also carry a lower risk for infection when compared to soft planned-replacement contact lenses (DW and EW).
  • Hybrid lenses: For patients who require the improved visual clarity achieved through a rigid gas permeable lens, but the comfort of a soft contact lens, and for patients with irregular corneas, a hybrid lens is a great option! A hybrid lens is a hard lens in the center (where vision is derived) and a soft lens skirt (where the contact rests on the eye). This is also a great option for some patients with high amounts of astigmatism and for those needing a bifocal prescription to see both far and close (If you’re over the age of 40, it’s likely you know the frustration of blurred reading and of needing one prescription to see far and a different prescription to see close).
  • Specialty contact lenses: Many patients with irregular corneas due to genetic conditions or eye injuries and others whom have had LASIK or other refractive surgeries find themselves requiring the use of contact lenses to see more clearly than is possible with their glasses. New developments in contact lens technology have brought about the option of scleral contact lenses. These are large hard contact lenses that provide exceptional comfort and visual clarity. They are also used for patients with severe dry eyes and eyes that have suffered chemical burns and the ravages of inflammation. They are an amazing development in eye care and SeaView Eyecare is one of the few offices in Palm Beach County that offers to patients the expertise of fitting them.

Personalized Service at Your Local Family Eye Care Center in Palm Beach County

At SeaView Eyecare, you and your family will always receive high-quality, personalized care. We have an extensive selection of fashionable eyewear for adults and children. Our eye doctors will work with you or your child to find contact lenses that are suitable. We can also help ensure your stylish sunglasses meet the American National Standards Institute’s safety requirements.

From eye exams and prescription eyewear to emergency care, our trained and dedicated team strives to provide the best patient experience in our state-of-the-art office. Parents love our Perfect Protection Plan, which provides a replacement pair of children’s glasses, for a small fee, if they break or the lenses are scratched while under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you or your child has eye pain, eye strain or an eye infection like pink eye, call us right away. We provide emergency eye care after-hours for existing patients.

Schedule a contact lens consultation today. Over the years, we have helped thousands of adults and children in Lake Worth and Wellington see more clearly. We are credentialed with most major insurance providers and can help you utilize your benefits to the fullest.

Call SeaView Eyecare at 561-790-7290 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our family eye care center in Palm Beach County. We provide complete eye care for your family.



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