Top 7 Reasons to See Your Eye Doctor…Yesterday

When it comes to your eyes, infection and changes to your sight can be really scary. Some problems are more serious than others. When treated appropriately and promptly, most conditions can be resolved. However for some serious eye problems, one of the worst statements for an eye doctor to hear is “I was waiting to see if it would get better on its own.” The following is a list of problems that are NOT “Wait and See Problems.” You should see your eye doctor immediately should you experience any of theses symptoms.

  • You’re experiencing flashes of light, floating spots, or a cobweb or curtain is blocking your vision. All are potential signs of a problem with your retina (i.e. a retinal detachment), which can be sight-threatening. A dilated eye exam is needed to ensure the health of your retina.
  • You have a red eye that is sensitive to light. This suggests acute inflammation or injury to the cornea, both of which require immediate treatment.
  • You have loss of vision. Vision that goes black or fades to grey can be the result of a serious problem with blood flow or your optic nerve. If these symptoms are combined with scalp pain, hours can make a difference in your visual outcome.
  • You have an injury to your eye. A finger to the eye in a basketball game, a soccer ball to the face leaving behind a black eye, or an airbag that hits your face in a car accident: These are all things that can cause serious injury to the eye. Infection, inflammation, and retinal detachment are all concerns with ocular trauma.
  • You have double vision. You have double vision. The sudden onset of double vision can suggest a serious health problem. Stroke, aneurysm, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, thyroid disease…this is the short list. Get it checked!
  • You have eye pain. If there is pain, there is a reason. Don’t just alleviate the pain with Tylenol or eye drops. Find out the cause of the pain and the specific treatment necessary to treat it to minimize any permanent effect on your vision.
  • If you are a contact lens wearer and you have mucus, light-sensitivity, pain, redness or blurred vision, you should be examined immediately. Any combination of the above symptoms suggests infection, and contact lens wearers are at a greater risk for aggressive, sight-threatening, corneal infections; especially if they are sleeping in their lenses!

Note this list is not all-inclusive. If you suspect a problem with your eyes or vision, contact your doctor immediately.

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