Optional Contacts

Unsuccessful with Contacts in the Past? Give it another try.

If you have been told that contact lenses are not suitable for you, or have experienced problems adjusting to them, don’t give up. Our eye doctors are experienced in prescribing special lenses. We will work with you to find the right lenses for your visual needs, prescription and eye shape. Contact lenses are not one size fits all and selecting the proper lens is key to your success in contacts. This is something our doctors take pride in doing very well. Our staff is also specially trained to teach new contact lens wearers of all ages the in’s and out’s of contact lens wear and care. We are patient and here to help you experience the freedom of great vision with contact lenses!

When are Contacts Lenses an Option?

Contacts are a great alternative to correcting your vision with eyeglasses. Whether you choose to wear contacts most days, on the weekends or special occasions, or for outdoor activities, they provide the opportunity for improved vision without the hassle of eyeglasses.

Contact Lens Benefits:

1. Wear great sunglasses over your contacts!

2. Improved comfort for patients who find it challenging to find a comfortable frame or who have sensitivities to typical frame materials.

3. Improved depth perception with contact lenses for patients with eyes that have two very different prescriptions.

4. Multifocal contact lens wearers will enjoy good near vision at any angle regardless of head position, unlike the requirements of most multifocal eyeglasses which require reading material to be held below eye level for clear vision.

5. Reduced distortion or swim in contacts when in motion for patients with large prescriptions or astigmatism.

6. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses won’t fog when you exit your car or enter an environment with a dramatic change in temperature or humidity (ie Air Conditioning, a cooler or an oven).

7. Improved peripheral vision with contact lenses that move with your eyes, unlike eyeglasses where clear vision ends at the edge of the frame.

Contacts to Correct Your Vision

Contact lenses have come a long way since the first contact lens was manufactured in 1887! Soft contact lenses were first introduced in 1971 and changes in materials and manufacturing have made contact lenses an option for many patients.

They Make Contacts for:

1. Near-sightedness (Myopia)

2. Far-sightedness (Hyperopia)

3. Astigmatism

4. Multifocals for those needing a different prescription to see far than they do to see close

5. Changing eye color

6. Slowing the progression of Myopia in children

7. Dry Eyes, Little Eyes, Big Eyes, Younger Eyes, Older Eyes

8. 1 day of wear, 2 weeks of wear, 1 month of wear, 3 months of wear, 1 year of wear. (with nightly removal: we never recommend overnight contact lens wear)

Whether you need emergency eye care, a regular checkup or prescription eye wear, you will always enjoy an exceptional patient experience at SeaView Eyecare.

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