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Comprehensive Eye Exams, Stylish Eyewear, Specialty Contact Lenses and Emergency Eye Care

From eye exams and prescription eyewear to emergency care, our children’s eye care center in Wellington, provides optical services and eyewear for infants and kids of all ages and eye examinations for children ages 2 and older. With extensive experience in children’s eye care, our experienced eye doctor and staff know how to put the smallest patients at ease. A child-friendly environment with books, games and gadgets makes them feel comfortable in our state-of-the-art clinic. Using the latest equipment, our trained and dedicated team strives to provide the best eye care for your kids and the entire family.

Child-friendly eye exams for your kids

Children with undetected vision problems or eye health conditions face many challenges—academically, athletically and socially. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months and children must have additional eye exams at 3 years of age as well as at age 5 or 6 when they are entering kindergarten or the first grade. These exams help detect and correct vision and eye health problems early to increase the likelihood of normal visual and academic development. Schedule your children at our children’s eye care center in Wellington for an annual eye examination.

Contact lenses for youth, customized solutions for special hobbies

Contact lenses have proven to deliver many benefits, including providing more natural vision without the impact on magnification that eyeglasses pose. Additionally, they provide improved peripheral vision, a definite advantage for athletes and new teenage drivers. Resistant to fogging and falling out, contact lenses are also superior to glasses on the soccer field. And last but not least, children with a history of very different prescriptions in each eye and amblyopia can often achieve better vision and have a greater chance at improved depth perception through the use of contact lenses for corrective vision than is possible with glasses.

Learning to wear contact lenses can be challenging for both adults and children in the beginning. Our eye doctors and staff will work with your child to find lenses that provide good comfort and vision. Even if your teenager has had problems with wearing contact lenses in the past or has been told that they are not a candidate for contact lenses—our experience is that with access to a multitude of customizable lenses and new lenses being produced by lens companies every few months, there is almost always a lens for everyone who desires to wear contact lenses. Our staff is very patient and experienced and can tailor the eye exam and prescription eyewear (eye glasses or contact lenses) to meet the needs of a specific hobby or interest that requires specialized correction.

Stylish prescription glasses for kids of all ages

Children may need prescription glasses for a variety of reasons including correcting vision and eye alignment. We find there is no middle ground with kids: They either arrive in our office eager to wear glasses or they are upset to learn that they need them. For children in the latter group, it’s even more important that they have a choice of multiple styles, colors, and materials. Having a choice in the eyeglasses you wear is important if you don’t have a choice in wearing them to begin with. If your child has already been examined and issued a prescription for eyeglasses, bring the prescription and stop in with your child to see the diverse selection of styles our optical offers. Or schedule an appointment to determine your child’s need for eyeglasses if he or she has not been examined within the last 6 months.   Our unique selection of stylish children’s eyewear includes frames with no metal parts for the most active of toddlers and infants, frames with removable straps for flexible wear, frames that can be adjusted so as not to slide down your child’s nose, and frames that look just like your adult frames with the same great style. While some have a unique 3-year warranty, others are warranted against loss. Parents love our Perfect Protection Plan, which provides a replacement pair of glasses if they break due to manufacturer’s defect or treated lenses become scratched.

Sunglasses to protect your children’s eyes from the harsh Florida sun

Children need to protect their eyes from the harsh Florida sun just as much as adults do. UV rays are as damaging to the eyes as they are to our skin, especially on Florida beaches where the reflection of light off the sand and water is great. Make sure you select sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection; polarization is even better. We also recommend giving your children a voice in the selection process as they are more likely to wear the sunglasses if they like the frames. We have a good selection of styles and colors for them to choose from. If we do not have the frames you are looking for, we will make every effort to order them for you. If your child wears prescription eyewear, one of the best ways to provide much needed UV protection is through the use of Transitions lenses. Photochromic lenses, or lenses that transition form clear to tinted when in the sunlight provide convenient UV protection, automatically. This is great way to insure your children are getting the UV protection they need, even when you’re not there to remind them!

Emergency eye care for existing patients

If your child has an eye infection or eye pain, call our office so that we can provide care as soon as is possible to minimize the impact on vision and health. We provide emergency eye care after-hours for existing patients. Our answering system will guide you through the steps to reach us when the office is closed. We will return your call promptly. Rest assured, from foreign objects in the eye to bacterial infections and sudden vision problems, we are here to help.

At SeaView Eyecare, your kids will always receive exceptional care. We are more than a children’s eye care center and we provide comprehensive services for the whole family. Over the years, we have helped thousands of adults and children in Wellington and the neighboring areas of Florida see more clearly.

Schedule an appointment today. We work with most major insurance plans and can help you navigate your insurance benefits.

Call 561-790-7290 to schedule an eye exam at our optometric children’s eye care center in Wellington, Florida. Or you can also schedule an appointment online.


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