Dr. Amanda Weiss

Amanda Weiss optometrist Wellington Florida

Dr. Weiss began her career in South Florida in a specialty practice for glaucoma and retinal disease. During this time she served as a co-investigator in clinical trials for new treatments in glaucoma and macular degeneration. She has experience in managing diabetic eye disease and a passion for treating chronic dry eye. Additionally she is skilled in fitting complicated contact lens patients, particularly those patients who have begun to struggle with their near vision and require the aide of reading glasses and patients with irregular corneas.

SeaView Eyecare was established as an eye care center to meet the needs of the entire family. Dr. Weiss’s experience and calm authority make her a great optometrist for adults, concerned parents, and children alike. She provides care that is compassionate and comprehensive, in an office that is comfortable, upbeat, and a pleasure to visit.

When she is not practicing, Dr. Weiss has a passion for physical fitness, and enjoys cycling, kayaking, running, and of course, the beach.


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