Healthy Eyes in the Summertime

Healthy Eyes in the Summertime: The Do’s and Don’ts

School is out and the pool is a great way to cool off. And what about vacation? Are you catching a flight to far-off places? Maybe you’ll float down a lazy river in a canoe or take a boat ride to the Bahamas. Below are some tips to keep your eyes healthy for the summer fun!

Avoid wearing contact lenses at the pool, beach, lakes or rivers. All of these bodies of water harbor harmful bacteria that can easily take up residence in that space between the contact and your eye!& If you must wear contacts (or risk losing sight of shore), wear a daily disposable (1-day) contact lens and toss it when you leave the water & lubricate your eyes with an artificial teardrop.

Wear Sunglasses! 100% UV blocking and polarized are best, but also look for a lens that has a back-surface anti-reflective coating. This is a coating that prevents sunlight from reflecting off the back of the lens into your eye, making vision infinitely more comfortable and clear, and being on the water a lot safer!

Wear your glasses on long flights. There are few places as dangerous as an airplane when it comes to contact lens wear. The air is dry in the cabin, many people read (so they blink less often, producing fewer tears), and the guy in your seat on the flight just before yours, had a head cold ….A recipe for pink eye! Be comfortable, be safe, wear your glasses. And bring your own travel bottle of solution. Peroxide-based solutions (i.e. Clearcare or Aosept) are not permitted in carry-on bags; another reason why 1-day lenses reign king in safety and ease of use!

Did you know that most prescriptions are available in 1-day contact lenses? Bifocals & Astigmatism lenses too. Call our office and schedule an appointment to try the newest 1-day lens. Approaching 100% water at its surface, the lens defies dry eyes!


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