Eye Exams for Kids in Florida

239 days: The average number of sunny days that children in Lake Worth, FL enjoy each year!

Compared to the U.S. average of just 205 days, that’s a lot of sun exposure for young developing eyes. Many parents admit they choose their battles when it comes to parenting; wearing the Cinderella ball gown to the grocery store gets the okay as long as teeth get brushed! One battle that’s definitely worth waging is getting your children into sunglasses.

The sun is a major factor in many eye diseases, most of which don’t typically affect us until adulthood. However it is the cumulative exposure to UV light from the sun, over the course of our lives that leads to these conditions. Cataracts, macular degeneration, and changes to the external layers of the eye are all influenced by UV light. Considering that 5-10% of all skin cancer occurs on the eyelids, sunglasses are imperative. And if your children routinely wear glasses, you just may have the upper hand. Transitions lenses are an exceptional way to provide UV protection, as regular eyeglasses become sunglasses when children step into the Florida sun!

Just one thing to consider, before you draw the shades and limit play time outdoors: A 2013 Study funded by the National Eye Institute revealed that time in the sun and the resulting increase in Vitamin D levels affects eye development, significantly reducing the risk of nearsightedness.

Whether it’s blurry vision or an eye health check that leads you to our office, if you’re looking for an eye doctor in Wellington to provide eye care for your family, our doctors are excellent with children and adults. We provide a thorough eye health evaluation and check vision to determine the need for eyeglasses. Our eye care center, positioned on the border of Lake Worth and Wellington, provides convenient hours 6 days a week with a great selection of designer eye wear and the largest selection of children’s frames in Palm Beach County.


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