Digital Eye Strain – How to Keep Your Children’s Eyes Healthy

Ask Your Eye Doctor in Wellington

With children now spending hours in front of computers, tablets and smart phones from a relatively young age, parents should be concerned about the impact that so much screen time may have on eye health. Learn from our experienced doctor in Wellington how prolonged usage of these devices impacts vision and eye health. You will also find below some useful tips on reducing digital eye strain that may benefit you as well.

Is computer use bad for my child’s eyes?

Many studies suggest that computers can enhance school readiness and learning for children of all ages. However, using it too much or incorrectly can lead to computer vision syndrome (a collection of eye problems caused by uninterrupted usage) in children as well as adults.

Children’s eye health experts also believe that prolonged use puts kids at risk for progressive myopia (nearsightedness). Why? Focusing on text and images whether on a digital device or a book held at near is thought to contribute to the elongation of the eye, resulting in myopia. Additionally, children using a digital device like an ipad, are more likely to be doing so indoors. Several recent studies have pointed to the amount of time our children are NOT spending outside as a contributing factor in myopia development. Time spent outdoors stimulates dopamine production and dopamine is thought to be involved in the development of the lens in the eye.

Too much screen time also results in overexposure to blue light which is emitted by all digital devices with screens. Also called “high-energy visible light” or “HEV light”, it has potential for causing eye damage over time. How close the screens are to your child’s eyes, and for how long, are two significant factors to consider when evaluating exposure.

Tips for Reducing Digital Eye Strain and Computer-Related Posture Problems

  • Set limits for usage of computers as well as other digital devices.
  • Plan a healthy balance of computer usage, art, music, books, outdoor play and socializing with other kids.
  • Ensure that the computer screen is positioned 15 degrees below eye level to reduce the likelihood of dry eyes during computer use.
  • Remind kids to keep their back and shoulders straight (but relaxed) and avoid slumping over the keyboard.
  • Adhere to the 20/20/20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, look at something 20 feet away. Standing and stretching relieves muscle tensions which can contribute to computer-related ergonomic and focusing eyes on targets in the distance allows the muscles in the eyes to relax and prevents vision problems.
  • If your child wears glasses, ensure that the lenses have anti-reflective properties designed to reflect harmful HEV light. Not only does this provide protection to the eyes, it makes vision more comfortable and more clear, especially in a classroom setting with overhead fluorescent lighting.
  • Contact your eye doctor if your child is squinting, frequently rubbing his eyes or has red eyes or headaches.

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