BIG Myths about Vision

MYTH #1: Glasses make your eyes worse. Wearing glasses does not weaken your eyes. Poor vision in most cases is not the result of muscle weakness. It is the result of the shape and magnification of the eye and where light focuses in the back of the eye. Glasses cannot change the shape or magnification of the eye.

MYTH #2: My child is too young for glasses. Both genetics and the activities we participate in affect our vision. If a child’s vision is significantly blurred as to delay learning and the development of normal vision and teamwork between both eyes, then glasses are needed. In fact, not wearing glasses when prescribed by your eye doctor, can lead to the development of a lazy eye in children.

MYTH #3: The over-the-counter readers that I have been using since I turned 40 have ruined my vision. While these glasses are not likely to harm your eyes, they may not be your exact prescription, leaving your eyes feeling tired after reading. It is unfortunately normal to experience blurred vision when reading after the age of 40. It’s also normal to require the aide of reading glasses more frequently and of a stronger power as you age. This change in vision is not caused by reading glasses, regardless of whether they are prescribed or over-the-counter.

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