Cataracts and Cataract Surgery: A Simple Explanation from Your Eye Doctor

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses…they’re both wonderful and terrible.  They miraculously make the words jump off the page in long-forgotten clarity, but they seem never to be on hand when you need them.  But why do you need them?  You celebrated your 40th birthday and 2 weeks later you awaken in the morning unable to read your text…

Summer is here!

It’s hard enough getting kids lathered up in sunscreen before heading out to the pool; getting them to wear sunglasses may seem next to impossible.  But did you know that not only can the sun cause a sunburn on your skin, it can also cause the equivalent of a sunburn on your eyes?  This is…

eye exam
When Does an Eye Exam Expire? How Often Do You Need One?

Your Local Eye Doctor in Palm Beach County, FL Explains Are you wondering how often you and your kids should have an eye exam? Several factors determine the frequency of your eye exams, such as your age, overall health, ocular health, risk of developing eye disease, and family medical history. Regular checkups help your eye…

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