Your vision is important to you, and it’s important to us.

When you come for your appointment, we’ll make sure to schedule ample time so you will never feel rushed. Our comprehensive examinations will evaluate the health of your eyes and screen for potential diseases of the eye and general health conditions. Because great vision is so much more than reading letters on a chart, we will examine your visual skills and your ability to maintain clear, comfortable focus for the tasks you do every day. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is prepared to handle your eye care needs and our optical provides a large selection of designer glasses and sunglasses for everyone in your family!

Get ready for your exam…no studying is required

To make it simple: bring your stuff! If you wear contact lenses or glasses (even the ones the dog chewed up) bring them! Bring your empty contact lens boxes and any eye drops you are using. If you take medications or are allergic to them, bring your list. If you use a computer or have a hobby that requires special glasses, brings a measurement from your nose to your monitor or your hobby (music or easel, etc.). If you wear a motorcycle helmet under which your glasses must fit, bring it too.

A complete eye examination requires dilation. Dilation is done when the doctor instills drops in the eyes that enlarge the pupil to allow for the examination of the health of the inside of the eye. While the drops do not cause discomfort, they do have the side effect of light sensitivity and blurred vision, primarily for reading. Please bring sunglasses to make your ride home more comfortable (children and adults) and arrange for a driver if you do not feel comfortable driving. Many people prefer to schedule their appointment on a day when they do not have to return to work, when students do not have a lot of homework, or when outdoor activities do not follow their examination.

We accept most major insurance plans. Below are some of the insurance plans we accept. Please bring copies of both your vision and medical insurance cards and a photo ID when you come for your appointment.

You may also complete some very simple paperwork prior to your appointment by selecting the link below. You may either bring the completed form with you or scan and email the completed form to or fax the completed form to 561-790-7291. Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for insurance verification and check-in. Also note, so that we may offer the greatest appointment availability to all of our patients for both routine and emergency care, our office requests 24 hours notice for cancellation. Those unable to give notice of a missed appointment will be charged $25 prior to being rescheduled.

We look forward to meeting you!

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