Vertex Distance

Ever wonder why your contact lens prescription is different than your eyeglass prescription? The Answer (one of them): Vertex Distance. Vertex distance is the distance between the back of your eyeglass lens and your eye. A contact lens sits directly on your eye, so the vertex distance is essentially zero. Your glasses and the phoropter…

Detect Color Deficiency and Get Help Early at Your Children’s Eye Care Center

Does your child use the wrong color for objects on work sheets or have issues reading pages with colored text? Children who are color deficient are generally unaware of the problem and it can interfere with their learning abilities when not detected early. Schedule a visit to our children’s eye care center in Wellington, Florida….

A Word to the Wise: Protect Your Eyes!

With Christmas shopping in full swing, you may find yourself strolling by the cosmetic counter at your local department store.  And although that makeover with new lipstick and the perfect shade of bronzer or eyeliner may sound appealing, it would be less so if you knew your new look was to be accompanied by an…

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