Enhance Wellness with Regular Visits to Our Eye Exam Center in Palm Beach County

The board-certified optometrists at our eye exam center in Palm Beach County will assess how your eyes work together and evaluate your overall health. Eye exams are critical for detecting vision problems as well as other health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and risk of stroke. We combine state-of-the-art optometry with patient education in a holistic approach to vision care and overall wellness. Follow our team’s advice on a diet rich in eye-healthy nutrients like vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin for optimal ocular health.

Do you have blurred vision at night? Are you suffering from dry, itchy or watery eyes? We can determine if it is eye strain, an eye infection like pink eye, or another serious health condition. Vision correction is just one of the many important reasons to get your eyes examined annually or at least once every two years.

What Do We Check During Eye Exams?

Eye diseases are common and can go unnoticed as symptoms may not manifest for a long time. Only your eye doctor will evaluate the eyes for signs of disease. This may allow for the early detection of health issues before they are detected by your primary care physician during a routine physical.

At SeaView Eyecare, our comprehensive eye exams go beyond a vision test

  • Visual acuity: This involves reading a standardized eye chart, one eye at a time, to determine how well you see at varying distances…and then putting both eyes together to make sure they play nice.
  • Pupils: Your eye doctor will evaluate how your pupils respond to light by shining a bright beam of light at them.
  • Peripheral vision: This test checks your ability to see and recognize objects to your left, right, up and down—not directly in your line of sight. Loss of peripheral vision is one of the symptoms of glaucoma and stroke.
  • Eye movement: Called ocular motility, this test measures your eyes’ ability to move together quickly and accurately in all directions and slowly track objects.
  • Prescription for corrective lenses: You will view an eye chart through a phoropter, which contains different lenses to help determine the best eyeglass or contact lens prescription to correct any refractive error you may have. (“Which lens is better, 1 or 2,” Sound familiar?)
  • Eye pressure: The tonometry test measures the pressure within your eye. Although this test was previously done using a puff of air in our office and is still done this way in many other offices, we are happy to say we now have a more accurate and more comfortable instrument for checking eye pressure. No more Air Puff Test!
  • The Front part of your eye: Using a slit lamp microscope to illuminate the front part of the eye (including the eyelids, cornea, iris, lens and more), your eye doctor can determine if you are developing cataracts, have pink eye, or have any scars or scratches on your cornea. An eye doctor’s skills in evaluating this part of the eye and the specialized equipment used in an eye clinic to evaluate it are the reasons why an eye care professional is the best type of doctor to treat your next eye infection or injury. A pink eye can be caused by allergy, virus, bacteria, or fungus, and each has a characteristic appearance. An eye doctor will know the signs that differentiate each of these conditions and will know the best medication or treatment for it.
  • Retina and optic nerve: Your optometrist will put eye drops to dilate your eyes and examine your retina and optic nerve for signs of damage from disease. While this test is not painful, it is sometimes an inconvenience as it blurs near vision for a few hours afterward. It is however the most important part of your eye examination and is not to be missed.

Schedule an appointment today at your local eye exam center in Palm Beach County. Our experienced team uses advanced diagnostic equipment to detect eye disease, reduce eye strain, correct vision problems and help you maintain good eye health.

Comprehensive Eye Services at the eye exam center in Palm Beach County

From eye exams and prescription eyewear to emergency care, we offer eye services for your entire family. At SeaView Eyecare, you will always receive personalized attention and high-quality care. Our dedicated team and welcoming environment puts you and your kids at ease. Extensive experience with adult and children’s eye issues enables us to help you optimize eye health.

If you or your child has eye pain or an eye infection like pink eye, call us right away. We provide emergency eye care after-hours for existing patients from the Wellington, Lake Worth and the surrounding areas.

Do you need new sunglasses or prescription eyewear? We have an extensive selection of eye glasses and contact lenses for adults and children. Even if you have had trouble with contact lenses in the past or have been told they are not suitable for you—our knowledgeable and patient staff will reassess your eyes to explore newly available options in the ever-changing contact lens market. We can also help ensure that your stylish sunglasses meet the American National Standards Institute’s requirements

Call SeaView Eyecare at 561-790-7290 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our eye exam center in Palm Beach County.


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