Cleaning your glasses

Where do paper towels come from?

Paper…..which comes from trees. This explains how a paper towel might be the cause of those fine scratches on your new eyeglass lenses.

While some paper towels are softer than others (Bounty), it’s best to use a soft, clean cloth to clean your lenses. We issue a cleaning cloth with every pair of glasses that leaves our office.

Dish Soap and water is also a great way to preserve the finish of your metal eyeglasses. Over time, sweat can corrode the metal, and the frame can then cause irritation if it rests on your face.

Last thing: Be leery of spray eyeglass cleaners, unless they were given to you by your eye doc or optician! Some cleaners will strip and destroy that nice anti-glare coating on your lenses….you know the one you paid extra for! Clean your glasses regularly for clearer vision and a longer life for your frames.


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